Business & Industrial Printing & Graphic Arts Printing & Graphic Essentials Densitometers
Xrite Colormunki Photo colorimeter
X-Rite i1Display Pro - Professional Display Calibration (EODIS3)
EFI Fiery Color Profiler ES-2000 X-Rite i1 Pro Rev E Handheld Spectrophotometer
X-Rite i1 Pro 2 Spectrophotometer Rev E with case and accessories (A)
X-Rite i1 Pro 2 Spectrophotometer Rev E with case and accessories (A)
X-Rite Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer 42.17.79 REV D. With Case
Color Graphics – 25 Year Old Company Staying In The Family
At the same time, Fred through trial and error figured out the art of screen printing ... business grew. Largest Wholesale Merchandise Showroom on the West Coast Today, Color Graphics has the largest product showroom on the West Coast in the Mottman ...
Xaar boasts strong trading update, while 3D project gets gov't backing
The company said strong growth in its ceramic tile printing products between January and ... Chief executive Ian Dinwoodie said: "All applications are growing in industrial, packaging and graphic arts. The strongest growth is in ceramic tile decoration ...
3-D printing predicted to mold our tomorrows
A few quick clicks online reveal the range - from military drones to crazy motorcycle frames to specialty cookies ... an industry consulting group in Fort Collins, Colo. It is barely a speck compared with the $1.8 trillion generated by U.S. manufacturing ...
Fespa preview: Get a seat in business class as London show takes off
This will address key areas of opportunity for printers including those in digital textile, digital printing, business building skills and industrial printing ... and Melanie Bowles from Chelsea College of Art. Then printers would be well-advised to ...
Ricoh's new production series brings enhanced productivity to printing market
"For high-volume production print environments, the Ricoh Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts + is the best option to deliver high-quality output with maximum power and productivity," said Tim Vellek, Vice President, Production Printing Business Group, Ricoh ...
X-Rite Battery Operated Transmission Densitometer Model 331
X-Rite i1io automatic chart reading system with 2 Spectophotometers 
X-Rite i1Studio Color Management and Calibrator - Monitors & Printers EOSTUDIO
Efi es 1000
X-Rite Transmission Densitometer Model 301
EFI Fiery Color Profiler ES-2000 i1Pro Spectrophotometer S/N #7044071 w/Profiler
Tobias Model# TQ+ Densitometer
New EFI Fiery ES-2000 Sb, Kit Fiery CPS, V4.X, ES-2000, EFI #3000005452
Efi es-1000
Macbeth Model TD-929 Transmission Densitometer
GretagMacbeth Eye One
Datacolor check Pro spectrophotometer 
Forestry Suppliers Spherical Crown Densiometer Concave Model C
X-Rite DTP 41UV AutoScan Spectrophotometer
GRS Densitometer
X-Rite 418 Color Reflection Densitometer - 1.7mm
X-Rite 331 Battery Operated B/W Transmission Densitometer
Kodak Brownie SAFELIGHT LAMP Model D amber
X-Rite 408 Color Reflection Densitometer - 1.7mm
X-Rite 400 B/W Reflection Densitometer - 3.4mm
X-Rite 530 SpectroDensitometer Factory Refurbished, Calibrated, New Battery
X-Rite i1 Eye-One Pro Spectrophotometer 42.17.79 Rev D
Cosar 55 51 Status Transmission Densitometer & Power Supply
Macbeth Color Reflection Densitometer , RD914S
X-rite Ci62 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer
Macbeth TD-504 [AM] Digital Readout Transmission Densitometer 115V 90W
X-Rite Densitometer Dot Meter With Case X Rite
X- RITE 331 & 334 set
Forestry Suppliers Spherical Crown Densiometer Convex Model A
Cosar SOS 40 Color Status Reflection Densitometer
Fluke Nuclear Associates Victoreen Scanning Densiometer Little Genius (07-444)
Rebuilt PDC-S Scanning Head, Komori
X-Rite 972 Color match Spectrophotomete xrite/ densometer 
X-Rite MA90 DuPont ChromaVision Multiangle Spectrophotometer Paint Matching Sys
X-Rite ATD & ATS Auto-tracking Densitometer and Spectrophotometer Scanner Repair
Fujifilm Auto Densitometer Fuji Frontier AD300
X-RITE Observer Model 308 Reflection Densitometer 2A5
X-Rite 810 Color Densitometer
X-Rite Pulse Color Elite System - DTP20UV & DTP94 Spectrophotometers Kit
X-Rite DTP41B Color AutoScan Spectrophotometer Densitometer SE 30-77 Adapter
IntelliTrax Track Assembly Repair, X-Rite
X-Rite 418 Color Reflection Densitometer - 3.4mm
Forestry Suppliers Spherical Crown Densiometer Concave Model C
X-Rite Model 390 390U Process Optimization Densitometer
X- RITE 331
Gretag MacBeth X-Rite vipPAQ Inline Densitometer W/3 Heads, Software, Cables
X-Rite X Rite Auto Scan Densitometer DTP32R DTP 32R Tested Good Condition
Rebuilt ATS Scanning Track, X-Rite
X-Rite EasyTrax 20'' CTX-900 DEMO UNIT
X-Rite 408 Color Reflection Densitometer - 3.4mm
X-Rite ATD 28'' Complete Turnkey System Including Computer and Monitor
X-Rite ATD 40'' Complete Turnkey System Including Computer and Monitor
Rebuilt ATD Scanning Head, X-Rite
X-Rite ATS 40'' Complete Turnkey System Including Computer and Monitor
Euro Style AC Charger/Adapter For X-Rite Densitometers
Rebuilt PDC-S Scanning Track, Komori
Calibration Standard For X-Rite Densitometers
New in package Macbeth QuantaLog Densitometer Model 1971 DC UA BC4
X-Rite DTP32, DTP-32 Auto Scan Color Densitometer w/ power supply and cables
Cosar 45 SOS 40 Color Status Reflection Densitometer tester
Repair of Komori's PDC-S Autotracking Spectrophotometer Intrument
X-rite 331 Transmission Densitometer stand
Genuine X-Rite DTP70 X-Y AutoScan Spectrophotometer
Repair of PDC-SII Scanning Head Assembly, Komori
IntelliTrax Head Repair Service Fee, X-Rite
X-Rite Eye-One iO Automated Scanning Table
Grant Instruments DEN-1 USA Compact Benchtop Densitometer 0.3 to 15.0 McFarland
Kodak Brownie SAFELIGHT LAMP Model D amber 2A7
ESECO Super Speedmaster Transmission Densitometer Model T-80B
ATS/ATD/PDC-S/PDC-LITE Home Position Board, ATS40-227, X-Rite
Monaco Optix XR DTP94 Calibration Tool w/EZColor Suite by X-Rite (Model 700-007)
X-Rite AC/DC Power Adapter
X-RITE DTP-12 Color Reflection Densitometer USED
X-Rite i1io automatic chart reading system. 1st gen, rev 2 table
Datacolor International Microflash 1200 *Fast Shipping*
Datacolor International Microflash 1200 *Fast Shipping*
Ricoh TCRU/ORU Type S6 for Ricoh/Lanier/Savin Pro C5200s/C5210s - EDP: 404917
Security Cable Kit for Handheld 500 Series , X-Rite
X-Rite 334 Sensitometer Densitometer Dual Color Process Control Portable
AC Charger/Adapter For X-Rite Densitometers
Xrite Dtp36 Densitometer
TA Instruments Combination Densitometer (transmission and reflectance)
NiCad Batteries For X-Rite 400 Series Densitometers
X-Rite DTP32R Auto Scan Densitometer
Gretag macbeth d19c densitometer
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OKI Data Americas to Debut Revolutionary Leather Transfer Printing Capabilities at the NBM Show
The NBM Show is a business-to-business trade show that presents the latest in sign making, digital printing, sublimation, apparel decorating, awards, engraving, personalization, promotional products, and more. All OKI products are built on parent company ...
HP Delivers New Levels of Quality, Productivity to Industrial Print Providers
(1) "To date, digital printing customers have had to choose between productivity and quality, always sacrificing one feature for the other," said Stephen Nigro, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP. "The HP Scitex FB10000 Industrial Press ...
Historic Graphic Communication Library Donated to Cal Poly
The library houses what is thought to be the largest intact collection of technical information and literature for the field of graphic communication and printing processes and related publications in the arts, sciences, engineering and business.
Catalina Graphic Films Celebrates 45th Anniversary
Celebrating over 45 years in the graphic arts and print industry ... materials for the Digital, Offset, Screen, Industrial and Specialty markets. Founded in 1968 as Catalina Plastic Suppliers, Inc., Catalina started business as a distributor of non ...
Capital For Business invests in Minnesota-based graphics company
Louis-based private investment firm Capital For Business added Minneapolis ... managing companies in the graphic arts industry. It is a comprehensive provider of prepress solutions for the specialty and short-run printing segment of the graphics ...
KONICA MINOLTA successfully conducts its 3rd Annual Partner meet at Hyderabad
2013-06-21 10:16:14 - Konica Minolta Business Solutions India ... equipment for production print systems and graphic arts, equipment for healthcare systems, measuring instruments for industrial and healthcare applications, inkjet print heads and textile ...